An outline of our work in Europe, our past work and conference attendance.

Four Garda members and one member of civilian staff attended at the European Gay Police Association Conferencein Vienna in June. Gardai presented two of the conference workshops. Links were built with new police services in Europe and Australia. Irelands experience in developing a first class support structure was of assistance to many of the countries who are in the early development stages. It is interesting to note that the Belgian GPA is using the G-Force constitution the basis for its new GPA group.



European Research 

Moving forward cannot happen without knowing where you are and where you want to get to. With this in mind G-Force members when setting up the group conducted considerable research on the various support structures for LGB police officers around Europe and beyond. The results of this research has been collated and distributed to our European counterparts. In 2010 G-Force were in a position to share the information with Belgian, Hungarian and Mongolian police and human rights groups! A new ‘as is’ research project has commenced on the current European LGB police situation.


Links to EGPA Website and EGPA members websites (available at http://www.eurogaycops.com/) .