G-Force Launch EGPA Police Toolkit in The Hague

Posted by Admin2 on May 21, 2013

Supporting LGBT Communities: Police Toolkit

 Link to toolkit


The above EGPA Police Toolkit was developed as a joint project between the School of Social Justice in University College Dublin and G-Force, the Garda LGBT Employee Support Network. Financial support was given under the Daphne III Programme of the European Union. It was launched at the 1st IDAHO Conference in The Hague on the 17th May 2013.


The Toolkit provides tools for police officers, managers and trainers to assist in the development of training on LGBT issues in police froces.


It is designed to be a flexible tool which can be utilised as suits in a variety of European contexts. In this version of the toolkit, scenarios are written in a distinctly Irish context. When adapted for other European contexts they are to be re-written with local scenarios, local language and in line with local priorities to ensure relevance to police officers.


The learning is built around real life policing scenarios. Almost all of the scenarios used were encountered by the authors in real policing environments. This is important as it ensures relevance of the document to operational police officers.


This is an open document, designed to be used by police forces across Europe as they see fit. It is copyright free. We request that if using the tools in a police force, that you give credit to the EGPA in any materials developed. We would also welcome any views on the package. A living document it will be developed over time as the EGPA learns and shares more information.

Please note that while the scenarios are based in an Irish context this is not a Garda document.