The European Gay Police Association, in conjunction with

The Belgian Federal Police and

The Brussles Embassy of the United States of America

Are pleased to announce the upcoming conference




Posted by Admin2 on March 18, 2013


The next EGPA international conference will be held in Brussels on 21-22 March. The conference is a joined project of the European Gay Police Association, the Belgian Federal Police and Rainbow Cops Belgium, and is also part of the USA Embassy Mission's LGBTI Action Plan between Embassy Brussels and the U.S. Mission to the E.U. The conference will focus on EGPA's triple mandate of building networks, improving the experience of LGBTI officers within police forces around Europe and improving the interaction between police forces and the larger LGBTI community. The conference is meant to advance this triple mandate but is also meant to be a first step toward a much bigger event (to be held in the October 2013) and for which possible financial resources will be explored. This fall event will reach out to various European countries in particular Central and Eastern Europe and countries whose governments do not support LGBTI employee resource groups of organizations.